Three Easy Ways to Get the Girl You Want for Sure

If you walk up to a girl and feed her a bunch of cheesy pick up lines she’ll shut you down right away that is why it is good to go in there with a game plan have some ideas about how to get her into you not just let her know that you want her. You need to be in control and let her know that you are able to take care of her and aren’t afraid around her.

The first thing you should do is Try To Find Out What She Likes

In general conversation look for things that she’s interested in find out what she wants to do and the people she likes to do it with. It’s important to show her that you can get along with her friends and that you have similar interests or at least are paying attention to her interests. She needs to know that you aren’t just some stranger but someone who’s getting to know her.

Now Keep Her Curious

Don’t give away everything about you right away make her interested in you, make her ask questions from you don’t just tell her things. If she wants to know something about you she has to asks and don’t give to specific answers try to keep the conversation on her but don’t actively avoid questions about yourself. The more curious she is the more she’s paying attention to you.

Now That You Have Her Curiosity

Now that she’s wanting to know more and more about you start to reveal a bit about yourself but make sure to show her that her reactions to you or your life don’t have any affect on you. Once she is into you let off a little more and more that you’re into her, make her jealous but having casual conversations with her girlfriends or any beautiful women around where you are. When she sees other women as a threat and that you both like each other she’ll want to keep you all to herself.

I hope these tips can help you have the success they have given me.

Post Author: David Andrews