Things That Will Kill a Relationship

People spend a whole lot of effort and time trying to figure out ways to create relationships. Little attention, however, is given to avoiding the things that can ruin a connection; these things which are considered ‘unforgiveable’ are often not considered until the sin is committed – too late.

Here are the top 5 deal breakers in just about any relationship.

“Steal my handbag, and I will replace it. Lie to me and you’ll never be trusted again.” Telling lies is in the origin of most relationship breakdowns. If there’s something which you don’t want your significant other to understand, a little white lie may appear the considerate thing, but if that lie is ever exposed, it is going to leave a residue of feeling about what you have ever said. Telling the truth, even if it is unpleasant, is the best course in the long run.

Next to being dishonest, inducing another individual to be humiliated in front of others is the next most important cause of broken relationships. When it is a spouse, or merely a ‘intimate and close’ buddy, embarrassing that individual in the presence of different people is unforgiveable. Regardless of what he or she has done, the wisest strategy is to dismiss it until you both are in some private place where, if it is really that important, it can be dealt away from outside eyes.

Physically or verbally abusing a person will put nails in the coffin of a connection. This is connected to ‘humiliation,’ but often it happens when nobody else is around. Physical abuse is illegal and can land you behind bars, but verbal abuse and bullying can be just as devastating on the sufferer. The ‘Stockholm Syndrome‘ causes many abuse victims to cling closer to their abuser and blame themselves – however, misuse causes the death of a connection even if there’s not any physical separation.

It may come as a surprise that cheating is rated this low in the listing, but often you can be forgiven for straying. When it’s accompanied by lies, however, it may irreparably damage a relationship. Unless you’ve got a very clear understanding going in that you are in an ‘open’ relationship, be exclusive.

If you have ever needed to be in close quarters with somebody who has really bad breath or body odor, then you can understand how this can kill a relationship. Even worse is the man who attempts to cover up the odor with breath mints or deodorant. What you end up with is a sweet, nasty odor that’s often worse than the unmasked odor. Liberal use of water and soap, fresh clothes – and then a light application of odor – is the best way to prevent this pitfall.

Post Author: David Andrews