Signals Used by Male Roommates When They Want to Entertain Female Company

As I’ve hopefully already demonstrated in one of previous articles, a writer can discuss topics about which they have absolutely no personal experience. On these occasions a little breathing space is needed where imagination tries to entertain instead of a writer’s always having to rely on research which informs.

In referring to male roommates who use signals to each other in order to have privacy to entertain female company, I am making use of this imagination again. Because it seems to be such a preposterous idea to write about, the article itself is more an example of parody than reality.

With that in mind, let us now turn our attention to those signals used by male roommates when they want to entertain female company.

Fireplace Method

Imagine if you will that one of the male roommates has met a woman. He insists he lives alone in order to keep all his hormonally-induced options open. Now, along comes the other roommate whistling down the lane with the frozen pizza he’s anxious to pop into the rent to own oven.

Suddenly, as you might see in any of the millions of Friday the 13th movies, this guy with the pizza turns around and hurriedly goes back up the lane. Why, you may ask. Well, it’s because he’s seen smoke coming out of the chimney! This smoke is a signal these male roommates have established to indicate when there’s a woman in there.

Of course, if the fireplace is the only way these guys are heating their bachelor pad, they might have to freeze most of the time in order to make the fireplace method most effective. Oh, the price to be paid for a little female companionship!

Window Displays

Now, it’s the other guy’s turn. However, let’s go all out this time and think of city slicker techniques. It’s a sign of real loyalty to the “all’s fair in love” motto that, after working all day, one of the male roommates gets back in the cab and just rides around for a while.

After all, he’s seen the hoot owl with the glow in the dark eyes sitting in the window of their apartment on the 40th floor. The guys have told each other, “When the owl is facing the street, beat a hasty retreat!”

Signals used by male roommates when they want to entertain female company can be vast and varied and are a true testament to the friendship of two lonely guys.

Post Author: David Andrews