How to Pick Up Older Women

There is something about an older woman that is very appealing to us younger guys. I think that nowadays more older women are actually dating younger guys. For us guys who are interested in older women, the way we approached them only differs a little, in what we say and what we do, compared to picking up the younger ladies, but the overall principles are the same.

Something that is very important to keep in mind always, is that what will work for one person may not work for another person. So if the way you approach the younger woman works for you, stick to your guns, and only try to incorporate these tips in your own method somehow.

Always approach the older woman with respect. Remember that she is older and likely has much more experience than you. Her days of falling for the guy who is loud and obnoxious have likely passed. So don’t come up to her with some cheesy outdated pickup line. In fact, I never suggest using pickup lines. They have a way of making us look silly. Sometimes it is OK to be silly but you have to know when the time is right, and you have to know when to stop.

Something that is extremely useful with older women is knowing how to read their body language. Older women tend to throw signals at you using body language more often than not. I’m not 100 percent sure why they do this, but I think that it has to do with vibes. When you can read a woman’s body language she will usually feel more connected and comfortable with you. In my experience when a younger girl is using body language to communicate, she is using it only to flirt. An older woman will use it more so to reel you in. Older women usually know what they want, so being able to respond to their body language will almost always work.

Another very important thing when it comes to attracting older women is being able to carry on a conversation. Conversation will usually reveal your level of maturity. It will also tell her what kind of things you are into. To be able to carry to on a conversation with any woman is important, but a lot more with older women because of their experience with life. You’ve got to show that you can keep up with her mentally.

So the three things that you need to remember when it comes to attracting older women is respect, your ability to read body language, and conversation. Of course you must show self-confidence in order for any tips or techniques to work for you. So be confident and go for it.

Post Author: David Andrews