Things That Will Kill a Relationship

People spend a whole lot of effort and time trying to figure out ways to create relationships. Little attention, however, is given to avoiding the things that can ruin a connection; these things which are considered ‘unforgiveable’ are often not considered until the sin is committed – too late. Here are the top 5 deal […]

Give Him My Phone Number or Get His?

You meet an interesting guy somewhere, somehow, in one of several ways people meet each other. There is something about him, and you would like to get to know this man better either casually or seriously. If only there were some way to contact him without appearing desperate, or to let yourself be contacted without […]

Dealing With Deal-Breakers

Not all relationships are made to endure, so don’t get overly wrapped up in the notion of having a soul mate and miss the five most frequent deal-breakers in a connection. Credit Scores. While money isn’t the first thing traditionally discussed in a connection, it ought to be! If your partner can not balance his […]

How to Land a Man and Hold on to Him

It has always been easy for me to fall in love. I know just how to catch someone and give them my entire self. The relationships I have been in have certainly been fun and spouted jealousy with others who weren’t so lucky with love. In the end, however they don’t work out. There is […]