Signals Used by Male Roommates When They Want to Entertain Female Company

As I’ve hopefully already demonstrated in one of previous articles, a writer can discuss topics about which they have absolutely no personal experience. On these occasions a little breathing space is needed where imagination tries to entertain instead of a writer’s always having to rely on research which informs. In referring to male roommates who […]

Popular Revenge Tactics of the Woman Scorned

You’ve just come to the stark realization that your spouse/boyfriend has been unfaithful to you. You’re angry, hurt, surprised (or maybe not so much)-and you have a million thoughts rolling around in your brain. Do you confront him? Do you confront her? Do you say nothing at all? Depending upon the thousands of circumstances surrounding […]

Dealing With Deal-Breakers

Not all relationships are made to endure, so don’t get overly wrapped up in the notion of having a soul mate and miss the five most frequent deal-breakers in a connection. Credit Scores. While money isn’t the first thing traditionally discussed in a connection, it ought to be! If your partner can not balance his […]

Getting Out Of Friend Zone

So you’ve got a friend that you have developed a crush on. Or perhaps it’s the other way round–you had a beat and have developed a friendship that’s meaningful and worth sticking around for. The point is that you are friends and you would like to take your friendship to another level, and here’s a […]

How to Pick Up Older Women

There is something about an older woman that is very appealing to us younger guys. I think that nowadays more older women are actually dating younger guys. For us guys who are interested in older women, the way we approached them only differs a little, in what we say and what we do, compared to […]

How to Land a Man and Hold on to Him

It has always been easy for me to fall in love. I know just how to catch someone and give them my entire self. The relationships I have been in have certainly been fun and spouted jealousy with others who weren’t so lucky with love. In the end, however they don’t work out. There is […]